Elite VIP’s private helicopters. The best way to get around in Israel.

If you’re planning to fly to several destinations in Israel, you should check out Elite VIP’s helicopter service. It’s quick and comfortable – and it’ll blow your hair back.

The convenience of flying direct to an exact destination is invaluable, and with Elite Vip helicopter rental you can do so in comfort and style.

Whether you are traveling to a meeting or just want to Explore Israel from a new angle, Elite VIP’s helicopter service provides individuals, couples and families with a swift and fun way to get from one location to the next.

Business Helicopter

We value your time, that is why our helicopter service allows you to fully control your schedule and reach any destination, at any time.

We also provide night helicopter flights, including taking off and landing at open fields.

Need any other service? Just let us know, and we’ll take care of anything.

Private helicopter

A helicopter flight not only provides a breath taking experience, It also allows you to enjoy fast, flexible and fun sightseeing, avoiding traffic jams and other hassles.

That is why more people use this service in Israel:

Arriving at special family events, romantic flights and family trips.

Our experienced pilots and technical crews undergo stringent selection criteria, as well as ongoing training. We are Committed to zero accidents and zero injuries, safety is our top priority.

Any questions? Please contact us:



logo__image_29 Select your helicopter of choice

Robinson 44
Number of passengers 3
Bell 206
Number of passengers 4
AS350 AStar
Number of passengers 5
AS355 Twin Star
Number of passengers 5
Agusta aw109
Number of passengers 7

All your needs with one vendor, one contact person, and one invoice at the end of the trip.