private security services. You’re in very good hands.

business, official or private – we understand your security requirements, whatever they are, and provide reliable private security services.

In order to maintain perfect protection, we offer a security and safety service based on advanced protocol.

We coordinate and manage our clients’ travel visits and make all the necessary security arrangements.

With our travel/tourist background and security experience, we know how to combine on-the-move travel efficiency with airtight private security.

That’s one of the things that sets Elite VIP apart from standard security companies.

complete peace of mind

Our security teams are highly trained and include former military and law enforcement personnel background, who discreetly guarantee peace of mind and total well-being.

Many of our clients – mostly foreign politicians, business people, celebrities and public figures – require security arrangements when traveling. We provide them with adequate solutions, public as well as undercover, time after time, to their utmost satisfaction.

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All your needs with one vendor, one contact person, and one invoice at the end of the trip.