Our VIP Airport Services

At Elite VIP, our goal is to transform your airport experience from an endurance test into moments of indulgence.

Our airport experience, expertise and knowledge is at our clients' full disposal, from the moment they leave home to their arrival at their destination. We specialize in complex, multi-destination trip arrangements, assistance and guidance. And the best part? All VIP airport needs are taken care of by one contact person working for one vendor, who supplies a single invoice at the end of the trip.

With Elite VIP, travel is enjoyable, easy, comfortable and time-efficient. As it should be.


Elite VIP provides boutique concierge services to VIP tourists in Israel and abroad, with a unique expertise in business and medical tourism.


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Airport VIP Services in Israel

Airport concierge service throughout Israel's international and local airports.


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Worldwide Airport VIP Services

VIP airport lounge, VIP club services and top-class airport concierge, across the globe.