Elite VIP provides boutique concierge service to VIP tourists in Israel and abroad, with a unique expertise in business and medical tourism.

Elite VIP engages primarily in services to private clients, businesses, travel agencies and international organizations that operate in Israel or send visitors and tourists to Israel, while also operating as a transportation services company.

In addition, Elite VIP provides VIP business & tourism services all over the globe, among others to the Ambassadors Club of Israel.

Elite VIP. The next generation of boutique tourism service.


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Over 20 years in the tourism industry

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Diverse & robust products & services

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Over 30,000 satisfied clients worldwide

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360̊ end-to-end service


About Aviad Rodan, CEO of Elite VIP

Elite VIP was founded by Aviad Rodan. With over two decades of experience and expertise in the VIP tourism industry, Aviad has provided services to VIP’s from diverse countries and cultures.

Aviad serves as a VIP services consultant at international airports in Israel and worldwide. Prior to Elite VIP, Aviad served as V.P VIP at Laufer Aviation GHI, Israel’s premier provider of Handling and VIP services.

Aviad holds an Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is also a graduate of the ‘Negotiations in a Challenging Reality’ study program.

Aviad is a Major (res.) in the Israel Defense Forces. He is married and father to Mayan, Aviv and Tal.

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Services & Solutions

Our expert team offers personalized business travel services to corporate executives, high-end tourists and individuals who work hard and enjoy life.

Our personal and business solutions are designed to help our clients manage their time with maximum efficiency as soon as their feet touch the ground. We also offer unique services such as helicopter flights, private guided tours, security guard service, private plane transportation, VIP airport lounge and much more.

Kick back and focus on your business and private affairs. We are Elite VIP, and we’ll take care of all your needs.

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AVIAD RODAN +972-50-999-33-77